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Below we have gathered a collection of short informative articles to help guide you through information about Water Fountains and Water Features and accessories.

Fairy Water Fountains |Creating A Mystical Fantasy Backyard For Your Home
It's amazing to see how fairy water fountains just magically keep popping up in our garden.No matter which house style you have, you will be able to integrate these fairy water fountains into it without a problem. Just like a regular garden gnome looks great on any green lawn, the fairy theme fountains look fabulous no matter where you put it.

Interior Water Fountains |Tranquil and Relaxing Sounds for Your Home
Interior water fountains have the benefit of bringing you a soothing and relaxing atmosphere for your home or office.Tabletop fountains have a great benefit of being diverse and everything that they can incorporate by combining different features, textures that may include Slate, bamboo, glass.

Wholesale Water Fountains| The Best Deal for a High Quality Water Fountain
Wholesale Water Fountains are the best way for you to get the model youve always wished for at a price you’ve never dreamed of.Water fountains encompass Feng Shui and will bring a wealth of health, stress relief and relaxation to your home. By just placing a small Zen garden water fountain in your landscape design for your garden is a great way to add a piece of water art.

Oasis Water Coolers |The Miracle of Life for Fresh Clean Fountain Water
Oasis Water Coolers are available in a number of different models, depending on its use.From the office to schools to sports stadiums right down to the advancement of your oasis bottled water stations for your home. Oasis products follow all the standards for both global and regional certifications.

Solar Water Fountains | Renewable Energy for Running Your Water Fountain
Solar Water Fountains are the perfect example of how old and new technologies can be brought together to improve our lives.Solar fountains come in a variety of different finishes from stone, fiberglass resin with ultraviolet inhibitor, cement, and metal and are perfect for your patio or garden.

Stone Indoor Water Fountains |Affordable Luxury Water Fountains for Your Home
Stone Indoor Water Fountains can do wonders for your house decor.These beautiful water features come in so many different designs shapes sizes and different colors of stone, metal and fiberglass resin. Selecting a fountain that will fit in your environment can be a very exciting adventure.

Small Tabletop Water Fountains|Portable Mini Water Fountain Experience
Small tabletop water fountains are a good alternative for those not having the space to have a full-scale indoor fountain.Of course, it’s all about personal tastes and feelings. For example, I love small tabletop water fountains I can move around and place anywhere: one day I may have it in the hall, next day I can place it in the living room.

Fiberglass Water Fountains |Lightweight Outdoor Fountains for Your Yard
Fiberglass Water Fountains are often preferred over metal or stone ones for a very simple reason: They are a lightweight and cheaper solution to a great water feature.Just because it’s made of fiberglass doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful as well. In fact, fiberglass water fountains allows artists and fountain manufactures to be even more creative.

Concrete Water Fountains| New Concrete Garden Water Feature for Your Backyard
Concrete Water Fountains are becoming increasingly popular in the past decades.While concrete isn’t the raw material of choice for most artists, it is widely used in contemporary water fountains. If you love the clean straight look of modern lines, you’ll certainly appreciate these concrete water fountains.

Japanese Water Fountains |The Oriental Magic of Harmony with Water
Japanese Water Fountains can be quite amazing. If youre buying your first water fountain, its hard not to be impressed with Japanese water fountain models.Traditional Japanese designs have the ability of letting you blend any container with the combination of a bamboo spout (plus the addition of plants).

Ceramic Water Fountains-Beautiful, Durable Indoor/Outdoor Water Features
Ceramic water fountains are and elegant piece of artwork that uses water as the soothing and relaxing element that makes these water features one of the most popular indoor/outdoor choices in todays water fountain industry. The ceramic fountains are manufactured to be durable and with the proper care last for many years.

Corner Water Fountains-Indoor/Outdoor Space-Saving water Feature
Corner water fountains provide you the best solution when space is at a premium. Find a small to large decorative water feature that will fit perfectly with your style, decorative lines and overall theme. From table fountains, floor fountains and wall fountains you're sure to find the perfect solution for your small space.

Backyard Pond Maintenance-Provide a Clean/Balanced Pond Ecosystem
Keeping your backyard pond healthy can be easy with the proper maintenance. By using some simple garden management tips you will be able to provide your backyard garden decor with a low maintenance beautiful water feature. Whether you are working with small garden containers on your patio or have a medium to large pond your main goal is to keep a well-balanced ecosystem.

Building a Backyard Pond-Design, Size, Pond Building
Building a pond in your backyard garden adds another level of depth to your garden decor. A well designed garden pond should encompass overall relaxation, peace and a sense of tranquility (feng shui for the spirit) by utilizing the surrounding area that you have to work with.

Installing a Flexible/Stretchable Backyard Pond Liner
Flexible pond liners is your best choice for when you are building a pond that is too large for any prefabricated(rigid liner).The flexible liners give you a wider choice for your overall size and shape of the pond.

Installing a Preformed/Rigid Backyard Pond Liner
A Preformed Rigid Liner is typically overall compared to the flexible liner a little tougher for installing. But it is still a relatively simple procedure. One of the main points that should always be considered in any style of liner and when you are digging your pond area is to make sure that the liner is always level all the time.

Digging Your Pond-Backyard Pond Step-By-Step Design
Digging the pond area is one of the largest parts of the project that you are going to do. Creating a large or small garden pond starts with some good basic planning. When you start this project take into consideration the area that you are digging in and the type of soil that you will be excavating.

Water Gardens Pumps-Selecting Right Size/Features for the Pond
If you are planning to design a beautiful water feature in your Backyard/Garden then you are going to have to have a submersible water pump. The pump will provide you with many ornamental options on how to create movement in your water. Waterfalls/Ponds and streams provide trickling effect that can soothe the soul (feng shui) and remove the stress of the day.

Garden Bridges-Decorative,Unique Garden Landscape Accents
Adding a water feature into your backyard has the ability to convert your landscape into a beautiful piece of artwork. Starting with a clean palette you can create the theme and overall feel that you would like to have. Garden Bridges can help you create the ultimate outdoor oasis in another dimension for your backyard living.

Garden Wishing Wells-Unique and Decorative Yard Accents
If you would like to create an interest point in your backyard then a garden wishing well will provide you with a variety of options when you choose this feature. Creating a water feature, adding plants to make a beautiful and colorful garden to accenting a certain part of your backyard design.

Decorative Rain Chains-Unique Water Feature for Your Eavestrough
Rain chains are a great solution for regular clogging eavestroughs. It is a decorative piece of garden art work that is functional while providing a beautiful water feature for your backyard. Decorative rain chains provide you a unique garden ornament that will stand alone or blend well with a nether garden feature and provide a beautiful visual statement.

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