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Solar Water Fountains |Renewable Energy for Running Your Water Fountain

Solar Water Fountains are the perfect example of how old and new technologies can be brought together to improve our lives. Just like the Sun is responsible for evaporating water, raising it to the skies, where it will condense and come down again as rain, a solar water fountain uses light to pump water without adding to your electricity bill. Think of it as a tiny ecosystem inside your home.Red Clay water feature pot pouring water into lower decorative water basin, solar water fountains, solar garden water features.

Solar Water Fountains Are Energy-Efficient and Environmentally Friendly

Solar pumps are widely used in gardens and yards across the country. If you like water fountains you’ll probably worry about your impact on the planet – and wasting energy just to keep your fountain running 24/7 isn’t a “nice” thing to do.

So, why not make it environmentally friendly by using solar power? Even if you plan to use it indoors, most solar water fountain pumps for fountains come with extension cords that allow you to place the solar panel near a window or any other place with better solar exposure during the day.Kyoto Solar Cascading Water Fountain Kit:5-Piece natural terracotta cascading fountain,Cable to solar panel.

A Solar Powered Birdbath Is a Great Addition to Any Backyard

 If you're an outdoor enthusiast and want to create an environment that encompasses all of nature’s best in your backyard landscape design then a solar powered birdbath is a great way to invite your feathered friends to the backyard. These fountains require no additional plumbing or electrical wiring as they are a all enclosed unit that can be placed anywhere as long as it has Sun.

With the constant movement of water you will attract beautiful colored birds to the rush clean water for bathing and drinking, not only that you will create a beautiful sounding water feature that is sure to stand as a beautiful art piece in your backyard

Solar Water Fountains Are an Art Water Feature That Is Made for Your Backyard Oasis

Solar fountains come in a variety of different finishes from stone, fiberglass resin with ultraviolet inhibitor, cement, and metal and are perfect for your patio or garden. They function well as a piece of garden art that can attract several different types of wildlife to your backyard. The solar battery works when the sun is on the solar panel, most have a rechargeable battery that is looted so that when the sun is not out or on cloudy days your fountain still operates.Birds hanging around decorative metal solar birdbath fountain, birdbath solar fountains, solar powered water features.

 Some come with a rope control that will allow you to adjust water height, the lights be turned on and off. These of installation is just place the solar fountain in an open sunny spot and then relax and enjoy a comforting sight and sound of your new water feature.

Solar Fountain Tips and Features

Oiled Bronze Finish Chatsworth 2-Tier Solar-On-Demand Fountain: lightweight and maintenance free resin,underwater integral solar pump and pump system.

Use the Suns Power to Operate Your Outdoor Garden Water Fountains

Slowly, but surely, we are walking our way into friendlier power sources. It would be great to be able to use the Sun’s power to fix all our energy problems, but it seems that will take some more time to achieve. Meanwhile, you can do your part, ensuring your always running water fountain is not consuming electricity from non-renewable sources: replace your existing pump for a new a solar powered water fountain.

Garden Water Fountains-Adding Water Activity to Your Backyard Decor
Adding man-made ornaments such as Garden Water Fountains into the backyard, can in actual fact convert your garden into a work of art.If you are looking to create the ultimate outdoor oasis and are wondering what kind of decor that you can add to your garden or patio, you should consider adding a few outdoor fountains.

Fairy Water Fountains-Imagination and Fantasy Lurking in Your Backyard
It's amazing to see how fairy water fountains just magically keep popping up in our garden.No matter which house style you have, you will be able to integrate these fairy water fountains into it without a problem. Just like a regular garden gnome looks great on any green lawn, the fairy theme fountains look fabulous no matter where you put it.

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