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Building a Backyard Pond-Design, Size, Pond Building

Building a pond in your backyard garden adds another level of depth to your garden decor. A well designed garden pond should encompass overall relaxation, peace and a sense of tranquility (feng shui for the spirit) by utilizing the surrounding area that you have to work by incorporating and blend in the foliage, flowers and sky to make up a beautiful welcome backyard garden pond feature.  Backyard pond design with surrounding rock boulders with small waterfall cascading feature over rocks with marginal water plants and water lilies floating in the water with a small duck garden ornament floating in the water, pond landscaping ideas, backyard pond kits, garden pond idea pictures, amazing small backyard ponds and waterfalls, small backyard pond, awesome backyard ideas, building a dream garden pond. All sizes and shapes ponds can also be surrounded by a few plants and stones and other different levels of marginal plants and vegetation creating a beautiful backyard space affordable and on a budget.

Backyard Garden Ponds Provide Feng Shui for the Sole

Water not only adds a natural relaxing ability but also provides a cooling effect for the area that it is installed in not only for physical and mentally it also provides immediate humidity around it. This is a spectacular microclimate that allows you to add a variety different plants around it while having the option of (Hardy water lilies, tropical water lilies) and the possibility of a fish pond (kio pond water feature).Small yard waterfall and stream with decorative rocks on both sides with potted flowers, backyard ponds, garden ponds.

 Adding plants and fish to your design provides you with the aesthetics of ornamental while still providing an ecological function (Living Garden) to the process.

Depending on the area and size that you have to work with will have a direct impact on the size and design of the pond that you want to build for your backyard. Many different design possibilities are available for garden water features.

Mini Ponds Are A Great Idea For Small Garden Water Features

Mini pond kits can provide you the opportunity for installing a miniature pond water feature with the help of a small sealed plastic container to a large reflecting pond that will offer you a variety of different options of adding plant life. You can build water fountains or a cascading waterfall that falls into a well-designed stream that would empty into your pool would be a great design idea. Mini pond built around a large tree with landscape ties filled with dirt and woodchips with surrounding shale rocks around the small pond area with green plants planted around the border of the landscape ties, small water gardens, small bowl ponds, pond containers ideas, many pond garden, DIY Mini pond, unique water ponds for backyard, garden watered decor, Zen outdoor water features, outdoor living, great way to add life and natural features to your garden is with your own backyard small water feature.

A beautiful design feature that will give your pond a completely different look and ambience for your yard is the nighttime vision that you can create with different underwater pond lights to solar lights that you could position around your fountain allowing you to illuminate your beautiful water feature with spectacular light colors. Hardwiring some Patio/Path lighting is an easy addition if you do it from the beginning and included it in your pond design.

Your Backyard Is a Pallet for an Artistic Pond Design

Take a look at your overall grade of your backyard if you have a slope that you can work with you can build quite a nice waterfall easily allowing you to enjoy the sound of water both day and night. If you are working with a level grade you can bring in extra dirt to build up a wall allowing you to design your own waterfall by forming the slope the way you want to. Large backyard pond with shale stone around edge with barrel waterfall at one end with vegetation, backyard garden pond designs, backyard pond ideas.

Streams that continue on from the waterfall to let can be designed in a variety of different lengths and widths. With a stream you have the option of connecting to small ponds together if this type of design works for your yard.

Your first step in deciding where to put your water garden project is the location in your yard. Decide whether you are planning your pond to have a waterfall or a stream and to what depth that you are trying to accomplish whether you want fish in your pond or not. Where you locate your pond try to have sources of water and electricity that are easily accessible providing you power for your pond equipment and for keeping your water topped off in your pond.

Best Location for Your Backyard Pond/Water Feature

Pond Size and Shape Will Determine Flexible/Rigid Pond Liner

Deciding on the size and shape of your pond is going to be your next design choice. If you're going to incorporate a small pond you can use a preformed pond liner or if you need a more flexible choice especially if you're going to build a large pond you will want to incorporate a polyethylene flexible pond liner. Both of these are very durable, well made and have a variety of the same installation instructions that would be required.

Small Ponds and Their Designs

 Small rigid pond design with flowerpot in water at the corner of the pond with green spikes with water lilies, small hill and red woodchips built along a fence line, filling a backyard pond, how to build a small pond, outdoor pond, small pond ideas, backyard water feature, dreamy backyard ponds, Home Depot water fountains, good advice when installing a small under 100 gallon or less prefab garden pond on a patio, balcony or in ground. Easy to care for having healthy water, plants,fish.If you do not have a large area to work with or you do not want to incorporate a large pond in your yard then you have a choice of a small garden water feature. With this design option you can build the pond up against a wall and use a standing water feature or you can mount it against the fence.

If you are working with an enclosed courtyard patio then you have a beautiful option of adding a stone multilevel tiered fountain. With proper electrical hookup (GFI circuit breaker) you will be able to easily install a pump having water flowing over the fountain basin.

Large Ponds and Their Designs

The size of the pond allows you to increase the overall capacity of adding more lilies, lotuses and other water plants and also create a larger even more wide variety of species for fish lovers. Providing you with a rainbow of colors for your fish. Large backyard water pond with small waterfall feature built along a fence line with lots of plant life and koi fish in the pond garden storage shed in the background with stone walkway, relaxing backyard water pond, backyard oasis, garden pond landscaping, Kio pond garden, perfect garden waterfall design, nice water ponds, small fish pond, garden waterscapes. Backyard ponds can be built with different options of fountains, streams and waterfalls by applying simple DIY.

Typically a large pond is considered over  10 x 5 size and typically will not have that much more difference on how to take proper care of your pond it just means a larger area for a larger ecosystem for your pond.

No matter what size upon you are going with balance is the key. Make sure that your plant life and your fish population choices stay within a balance as they are both essentially working together to help maintain the life of your pond. By properly removing debris and oxygenating the water and providing you the benefit of controlling the growth of pests in your water.

Provide a Shelf for Your Pond Marginal Plants

Small backyard pond with flowers around edge with large decorative stone edging around the pond. Becorative water lilies, backyard pond planning.If you want to provide plants in your pond design it is recommended that the surface water be at least 40 square feet with an 18 inches depth minimum. If you're going to have a larger pond then it is recommended that you make it deeper by digging to a depth of 2 to 2 1/2 feet.

Provide a shelf around the edge of the pond that is typically around 10 to 12 inches wide making sure that you are working with a depth of the water level of around 9 to 12 inches. This will give you significant area for your plants to flourish in, allowing for their crowns to be under the water level.

Maintenance Tips for Your Pond Water

Water supplies that you are going to use for your pond will have some form of chemical disinfectants that are usually added to the water (chlorine or chloramines). Although typically these chemical levels will not harm your plans they can affect the health of your (fish, snails and depending on your area frogs) that have become part of your ecosystem.

There are a variety of ways of you to remove these chemicals from a new pond. It suggested even if you do not plan on stocking your pond with fish that you treat the water accordingly.

Water Treatments/Maintenance

There Are A Few Options for Building a Pond

Today's designed backyard ponds do not require the use (or expense) of mixed concrete. This also means that you do not need to have a contractor come in and pour a cement foundation. There are a couple of options that you have that can make it a lot more affordable and allow you the option of building a backyard pond yourself.Small preformed backyard pond set in ground for the first fit, backyard pond kits, backyard pond decor ideas,Preformed pond liner, rigid pond liner, building and designing your small garden water feature for your backyard.

 Either with a pond kit or your own design you have a choice of using a long-lasting, light weight polyethylene synthetic liner allowing you the choice of making your own shapes and sizes of your backyard pond.

Your other option is the use of a rigid fiberglass/plastic shell that is preformed to the shape and depth of a pond design. Even though both construction designs require you to do a fair bit of work to dig the hole and to properly fit the liner or preformed shell properly.

Building your backyard pond process:

Pond Building Has a Process and a Step-By-Step Plan

When you have decided that you are going to build your pond in your backyard and know where you're going to put it there are a variety of steps that you are going to have to decide on and instructions that you are going to have to follow. Garden water feature on corner of acreage surrounded by a rock boulder outline with a water fountain spray feature in the middle with marginal colorful plants and water lilies floating in the water, how to build a large pond, easy backyard pond, backyard pond kits, Walmart water fountains, garden ponds, pond circular Water stones, ponds with fountain spray, garden water art, small pond fountains. Even when on and acreage you can have a small to medium size water pond feature that will add an interesting design idea.

For many centuries Gardens and the use of pools have been used to provide interest and intrigue for a wide variety and types and sizes of decorative gardens. Water is considered one of the most positive and essential features that you want to incorporate in your backyard decor. Whether it is a pool/pond or adding a few different water fountains that are self-contained. The sound of running water brings a sense of comfort (chi) to your outdoor living area.

Lighted Outdoor Water Features
Lighted Outdoor Water Fountains are becoming increasingly fashionable.The ambiance which is produced by lighted water fountains is like no other ever experienced. The lights that are present on a water fountain have been found, by numerous people, to make meditation much easier.

Bamboo Garden Water Fountains
Bamboo water fountains add an exotic touch of serenity anywhere.You can get them large enough to put outside in your garden or small enough to put inside your home.There is just something that is so natural and soothing about bamboo.

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