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Wishing Wells-Decorative, Unique/Lawn Ornaments

Garden wishing wells can provide you with an interesting backyard ornament that can be used in your garden design. Whether you are looking for a focal point to draw attention to a certain area in your garden or you want to encompass it within the theme, outdoor wishing wells are a unique choice for a decorative garden accent.Stone finish wishing well with dark wood cedar shingles with small flowerpots, rustic wishing well,decorative wishing wells.

Wishing wells are decorative and functional

There are a lot of different ways that wishing Wells will not only look good in your yard design but will provide you with a functional ornament that will give you a variety of different options. An array of these kits will come with a no bottom option that allows you to use it to place over something that you want to cover up.

You can also use this option to create a wishing well water feature, by adding a water reservoir and pump and outlining the outer edge with colorful flowers you can create something that can trickle water providing your yard with a living art yard accent.

You can place a bottom on your wishing well and line it with a waterproof pond grade liner. This will allow you to add water to the Wells cavity allowing it to be a functional well that lets you roll the bucket down and lift up freshwater. You can also use this as an advantage as now it becomes a real outdoor wishing well.

Create your own wishing well planter

If you want to have some natural color and provide your garden with more foliage, you have the option of putting in potted plants into your well or filling it with dirt allowing it to be its own functional flowerpot specialty planter. When you are using flowers it gives you a variety of options of where you can locate your wishing well. Having it in your front yard provides an accent that all your neighbors can view and enjoy.

Having your wishing well in the backyard makes it a more private garden accent. You can place it by itself as a standalone garden feature or have it as part of an ensemble around a water feature or garden bridge. Wishing wells with flowers work well when they are placed in or just around the edge of a garden, if you have a small garden space to work with the height of the unit itself will draw the landscape up providing you with a colorful and decorative interest.

Benefits of Having a Backyard Wishing Well:

Colors, Stone Provide Wishing Well Design Options

Wells provide you with an array of different decorative options. While it makes a difference on how it sits in your yard you may want to use the round or square bottom look. Wishing well kits give you a variety of options not only for the shape (round, square bottom) but they come in a variety of different colors (white, gray, tan) allowing you to choose the appropriate design that would fit best in your yard.Wishing well in center of garden courtyard with flowers in bucket,Garden wishing Wells kits,yard Wishing well.

A favorite finishing touch that can provide you a unique texture is gluing shale rock, decorative stones on the outside of the well itself. You may want to only finished half way up the side and finish off with a splash of color or stain the rest of the way, this will provide you with a two-tone color scheme that can take a plain well kit and make it a very unique landscape ornament.

Unfinished wishing wells provide you the opportunity to refinish it yourself. This is where you can apply your own natural stain allowing you to bring out the natural grain of the wood. You can paint the roof or install Cedar shingles, the overall design of both color and shape is more of a personal choice.

Types of Wishing Wells for the Yard

Wishing Wells Blend Well with Other Garden Features

Unfinished wooden Western red Cedar wishing well with crank and bucket, wishing well kits, ornamental wishing Wells.More than not you will find that simple shapes will have the most impact on your garden decor. The choice of your materials for your wishing well should help create a sense of unity with the other garden accents that you have.

Think about the overall theme (formal or freestyle) that you have with your other garden features will help you plan your strategic positioning for your wishing well.

Allow yourself to create a rhythm and design flow in the area that you are installing this type of landscape accent. If you have an unfinished wishing well kit this will give you a starting palette for creating the colors and finishing touches to the unit so that it will blend well with your design.

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