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Lighted Outdoor Water Fountains-Illuminating your backyard garden

Lighted Outdoor Water Fountains are becoming increasingly fashionable. For those that are already in possession of a lighted water garden, then you will already be aware of the serenity and harmony that they create in your garden. However, for those who are not already in possession of a backyard water fountain you will not be aware of the fact that there is an added benefit to selecting lighted water fountains. These most beautiful creations cannot only be used in your garden, but also as a small desktop fountain or a courtyard fountain.Outdoor fountains spraying in the air with colorful lights, lighted outdoor water fountains, outdoor fountain lights.

Outdoor Lighted Water Features Are a Great Way to Add an Oasis to Your Backyard

The ambiance which is produced by lighted water fountains is like no other ever experienced. The lights that are present on a water fountain have been found, by numerous people, to make meditation much easier. It is possible to purchase lighted water fountains with lights that range from a soft white to more colorful pastels. However, whichever type you select, they all have one thing in common, and that is the beauty of them standing in your garden.

There are many different features and sizes of these beautiful outdoor garden fountains that you can choose to help enhance and showcase your backyard oasis. You can choose from your basic Buddha or an Alpine Island Tiki fountain with lights all the way up to a big centerpiece floor water fountain. Royal Lions Head Floor Lighted Fountain:Lightweight resin construction,15 1/2in deep.

Water Flow Changes the Sound of Your Outdoor Water Fountain

 One thing to consider when you are looking for your fountain is to how much water flow there is a high volume water flow gives you more volume of sound compared to the lower volume of water flow. A great option is some aerial sprays, these are a great feature and look really beautiful when combined with underwater lights or spotlights shining on them.

If you like a good earthy tone but want to have modern appeal a good exceptional design would be a stone like finish with some beautiful modern angles. A very good example of this is happening square base bowls staggered stacked upon each other or stacked and turned on an angle to give it its own special character.

Tips to Consider When Choosing a Water Fountain:

Illuminated Outdoor Water Fountains Are a Visual Masterpiece

Some of these beautiful water basins have water flowing starting from the top and pouring over each edge into the next through special spouts made from copper, aluminum or even a different color of stone. By adding some soft lighting inside each basin you get a beautiful warm soft glow emanating from the water, try using different colors of light for a different effect.

If you are looking for a beautiful water fall sound for your backyard but not wanted overpowering consider looking at the elegant stone like looks that encompass rich textures blended with beautiful colors of copper, aqua and even blue glaze finishes. Adding some great animated fountain features are easy by using colored lights from bright orange, yellow and red.

Birds are very much attracted to your outdoor fountain. By giving them a place to enjoy for bathing and drinking you can add to the ambience of relaxation and stress relief by having birds enjoy your fountain too. Warm summer nights and a lighted fountain are a beautiful way to light up the backyard with the different flickering colors of light, with all your bird friends coming over to enjoy the peaceful sounds of trickling water. Yosemite Home Decor Urn and 3-Tier Fountain with LED Accent Lighting:artistically designed to add glamour to your garden or patio,Handcrafted out of polyresin.

Where Is the Best Place for Your Lighted Outdoor Fountain?

The best place of where to put your fountain will depend on what you have to offer in your backyard. Backyard gardens very from site to site. If you're looking to encompass the fountain in a patio area, you could place the fountain near the tables and seating allowing it to create a visually interesting centerpiece. When the fountain is placed here it not only gives you the physical style but it will also encompass the sound that the water gives, allowing it to create a visual and both sounding artistic expression.

Although you may not see the fountain from all angles that is not always a concern as the sound alone from the water fountain can be used as a great advantage in your garden planning. This is a great way to tie in your backyard as it will help draw your visitors more into your yard and allowing them explore other hidden seating areas. Indoor fountains can be used in the same style allowing you to hit at more room and areas out of sight.Small glass ball outdoor ice looking water feature with blue, purple lighting, garden water fountains, glass water fountains..

Types of Lighted Outdoor Fountains:

Lighted Wall Fountain's Give You Endless Possibilities of Creating a Beautiful Water Feature

Lighted wall fountains give you countless and endless possibilities how you can create a beautiful lighted water feature. With the use of your imagination and the right blend of color and illumination you will be in awe with what can do. During the day your water fountain pours over the top and you can see it hitting the water giving it a beautiful splash and sound.

 At night it's a different story where the water comes over flickering from the light but as it falls to the bowl at the bottom the shadows that the light creates makes it seem like it is falling to an affinity which is a beautiful illusion that you can encompass.

Small Tabletop Water Fountains-When space Is at a premium
Small tabletop water fountains are a good alternative for those not having the space to have a full-scale indoor fountain.Of course, it’s all about personal tastes and feelings. For example, I love small tabletop water fountains I can move around and place anywhere: one day I may have it in the hall, next day I can place it in the living room.

Solar Water Fountains-Powering Your Water Feature with the Sun
Solar Water Fountains are the perfect example of how old and new technologies can be brought together to improve our lives.Solar fountains come in a variety of different finishes from stone, fiberglass resin with ultraviolet inhibitor, cement, and metal and are perfect for your patio or garden.

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