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Water Gardens Pumps-Selecting Right Size/Features for the Pond

If you are planning to design a beautiful water feature in your backyard then you are going to have to have a submersible water pump. The pump will provide you with many ornamental options on how to create movement in your water. Water circulation underneath the water level can be accomplished with a water pump helping for aeration and overall health of your pond. Small backyard waterfall flowing over shale rocks into reflecting pond, backyard garden pumps, ornamental garden pumps.

Water Pumps Provide You Ornamental Choices for Design

 If you would like to create a more decorative addition to your pond you could install a pump accessory that will provide you a very lively and dramatic function with the use of sprays and arcs of water jets over your pond area. This encompasses a rain like sound bringing your backyard area to life.

Waterfalls and streams provide trickling effect that can soothe the soul (feng shui) and remove the stress of the day. Typically this can be an added feature that works well with your pond. If you have an incline you will be able to easily incorporate a water feature extension that flows into your pond. If this option is not available you can bring in some extra dirt to build up a small water fountain and stream design.

Things to Consider for Water Pump Choice

Proper Pump Filters Provide a No Hassle Water flow

Submersible pumps are one of the best options for your pond, water fountains as you do not have to have an external pump outside. The submersible pump works with a screen or a sponge pump filter over top of the inlet area.Backyard water stream going under big rock Bridge surrounded by plants, water pump filters, backyard garden submersible pumps.

This will trap debris and prevent your pump from clogging up with a wide variety of garden-debris such as leaves, floating algae, fish waste (kio pond designs). Both the type and the number of filters that you want to use for your fountain will depend on what you are going to include in your pond, your tolerance level for dirtier water and the type of water feature you are planning to have.

The proper filter allows your pump to continuously flow the water through it without its stagnating. It is recommended that you set the pump on the bottom of the pond allowing for a few inches above, this can be accomplished by using a brick and can be adjusted by adding more height with other bricks if needed.

Types of water pumps:

Features of Garden Water Pumps

Water garden pumps are typically chosen in two different designs depending on your application (submersible and external pump models). Both pumps work with the same type of design function. Inside the pump housing is a small motor that will turn blades that will both grab the water and pressurize it allowing for a force exit creating your pump action. Out of the two your submersible water pump is the overall easier to use and install, and your most affordable pump solution.

The submersible water pumps work well with a variety of sizes of outdoor ponds. They are also incorporated in the use of the fiberglass water features to the small tabletop fountains that you can use indoor or outdoor. This style pump is your best use for overall but for the largest water features the external pump would be your best choice.

Buying a Garden Submersible Pump:

Figure out Pond Pump Size/Water flow

Choosing the proper pump size for the water feature that you are working with is one of the most important things that you will have to consider. The most important measurement that you're going to have to take in a mind is the pump power (how much water it can handle). This is known as how many gallons of water will it move per hour up to a specific height. This is the end of the run and is called the head.Small garden water feature with water stream surrounded by rocks pouring into lower pond, find proper pump size, backyard water features.

To make the proper measurement you must first calculate all the water that will be used in the water feature/pond. An easy way to calculate how much water you have is to calculate from your water meter how much water you have put in your garden pond from empty to filling it completely. Take the overall reading typically in (cubic feet). If you need to convert this into gallons of water you can do so by multiplying by 7.48.

Calculating Water Volume Depending on Shape of Pond

It is recommended so that your pump is not working at maximum level and constant times it's best to choose the pump that only needs to move half of the volume of water that you have in your pond. Eg; If you're total water in your pond is 800 gallons then you should be looking for a pump that will deliver a minimum of 400 gallons water an hour, more the better. Accessories such as a fountain head will come with recommendations on the overall pond pump size that you should be using for that feature.

Safety and Your Submersible Garden Water Pump

Before you start the installation of your pond check to make sure that you have a proper electrical source/supply that you can use for your water feature. Check with your local community electrical codes or consult with an electrician to make sure that you have the proper receptacle for your installation.

Building your backyard pond process:

A ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) should be installed as is your first line of defense for any possible electrocution. The GFCI is designed to regulate the flow of electricity and if it is disrupted it will automatically turn off the breaker and shut the power off. This will help if there is any potentially dangerous malfunctions.

 If you are installing an underground wiring cable then you want to check with your local code requirements of what they would like to see to pass code. Typically you can install an underground feeder (UF) cable and add a strong plastic, metal rigid conduit for safety. Check with local codes on how deep the cable and conduit need to be.

Fairy Water Fountains-Mystical/Mysteriously Enchanting Garden Water Features
Provide your garden with mystical accents that can stir your imagination for fairytale dreams and stories. Having fairy fountains are known to attract other magical creatures to your yard. No matter what kind of style of garden that you have you can always complement it with fun figurines, statues to enhance the imagination.

Fiberglass Water Fountains-Realistic Stone Appearance Water Features
Fiberglass/Resin backyard water features can provide you with a variety of benefits for your water fountain choice. They provide you with an affordable solution that is both light weight and can be made into a variety of different shapes that can give you the appearance of beautiful artistic stone sculptured features and provide you with a portable fountain you can move around your yard.

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