Digging Your Pond, Backyard Pond Step-By-Step Design, backyard pond instructions.

Digging Your Pond-Backyard Pond Step-By-Step Design

Digging the pond area is one of the largest parts of the project that you are going to do. Creating a large or small garden pond starts with some good basic planning. When you start this project take into consideration the area that you are digging in and the type of soil that you will be excavating. If you are working with the rocky soil you may consider installing an above ground pond feature.Dugout pond hole with red rope marking and frost hole dug in middle, digging a backyard pond, pond construction

 If you are working with a sandy base type of material you have to realize that you may not have a lot of structural support around your Pond. A rigid pond liner may be a better choice as you will get a little bit of support from the liner itself.

Decide Whether You Are Digging or Hiring a Contractor

When you start your digging project take a look at the overall size of the water garden that you want to create and decide on how much digging you will be able to accomplish. If it is going to be a large area you have to realize that you may be digging as much as 2 1/2 feet below the surface.

So incorporating the help of a contractor with a backhoe or a landscaping company that has laborers that can do the heavy work for you. Typically if you are working with a surface area of less than roughly 250 square feet then it is more affordable and make more sense if it is built by hand.

Calculate The Liner Size To Fit Properly

You can calculate just about how long it will take you to dig a particular size of hole depending on the type of soil that you will be working with. Make sure that you allow for plenty of time for your digging as this is the base structure of your Pond. Typically if you are looking at a 3 x 5 foot size of pool it may only take you roughly an hour to get it done if you're in some easier sandy soil. For the same size of hole that consists of a heavier clay material may take you up to four hours to dig.

Tools for Digging a Pond:

Digging a Pond Step-By-Step Instructions

Building your backyard pond process:

Once you have everything dug out and all your edges level this includes your 12 inch shelf that sits on the inside for your marginal flowers. You have made sure that you have dug the 3 foot extra depth hole for a free zone from the freezing water that allows your plant and fishes to survive especially if you're building a kio pond. With this all double checked you will have finished off your first building step for your backyard pond.

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