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Corner Water Fountains-Decorative, Unique/Water Features

Corner water fountains are an easy way to add a decorative water element to your backyard design. The corner design of this water feature will allow you to utilize all outdoor space in your yard and fit seamlessly in your garden design. Contemporary to classic water feature displays will allow you to have your water fountain blend into the surrounding garden styles.Ying Yang corner fountain/black and white solar fountain with round bottom and small fountain spray, corner feng shui fountain, healing decorative fountain.

 You have the unique option of using the fountain as a large corner focal point creating a beautiful sculpture water fountain element or having it tucked away for a more subtle artistic visual effect.

Corner Water Fountains Are Unique Water Accents

High-quality affordable corner water features are an easy way to add a splash of color with the memorizing sounds of water movement. Large or small fountain sizes will depend on your requirements of your backyard design. Do you want to incorporate a small waterfall corner feature or a lightweight portable fiberglass fountain that has tiered water spillovers with soothing sounds of cascading waters in the backyard.

 Lighted corner fountains is another way to bring your fountain to life in the evening. Having an option of softly illuminating your fountain with LED lights helps to bring a splash of multiple colors (blue, red, yellow, green) to your fountain while providing an exquisite image of serenity.Multilevel small stone lighted water fountain with yellow, orange decorative lighting pouring water from spout into basin, lighted corner fountains, illuminated water feature.

Some water features have the option of built-in submersible lighting but as an addition to that I like to make it a little more personal and install a floodlight to help illuminate the complete corner fountain.

Corner water fountains utilize the 90 degree angle as a starting point for the visual design. Using the straight lines that are drawn away from the focal point (back of the fountain) allows your eyes the reverse effect of being drawn towards the fountain like an open set of hands welcoming you to a peaceful spot in your yard on your patio or deck. Many fountains will incorporate multi-tiers to give a 3-D depth perception and create special water movement (soothing water sounds) for the water feature.

Corner Water Fountains Provide Many Different Styles, Material Selections

Choosing a water fountain for your indoor/outdoor corners (small spaces) does not mean that it has to have a 90 degree angle design. Using any kind of symmetrical style fountain will give you the opportunity to use the lines, shapes and overall style of the fountain and will help create a unique creative water fountain display. Consider making a fountain design statement by introducing an unusual water fountain for your landscape. This allows you to open up many different options for the form (fountain shape) and colors.Unique terra-cotta resin fountain with waterspouts pouring water into second-tier four leaf clover shape mounted with round basin bottom, decorative corner water fountain, unique water fountain.

Each material choice (fiberglass resin, cement, granite, copper) will have their own unique styles and pros and cons associated with it. Fiberglass fountains provide you a durable water feature that can easily be molded into any shape or size (small tabletop, large fountain focal point) the design of the fountains are endless.

Choosing a resin fountain provides you with an easy portable water feature for your design. Because they are lightweight they are easily positioned and repositioned around your yard allowing you to find the perfect spot for the fountain.

Simple Water Features for Patio, Backyard Corners

Freestanding fountains are a self-contained (plug-and-play) simple water feature and are the best choice for your corner design. With their own reservoir and small variable speed recirculating pump all you need to do is make sure that you have a (GFI) outlet nearby to plug it in.

Cement corner fountains will be a more permanent structure but will last a lot longer than other materials. You may have to have this professionally installed because of the weight of the fountain. Granite is a beautiful stone and any fountain will surely benefit from this material. This can be a very expensive choice as they have to be handmade to your specs or you may find a popular model that comes with standard size and design.Small resin fountain shaped as tipped pot with spout pouring into lower pot with bamboo fence, miniature indoor/outdoor corner fountain, stone, rock look-alike fountain.

Benefits of indoor/outdoor corner water fountains

Indoor corner water fountains are a small water feature that you can use inside your home. These to are also a self-contained cool feature that can be found in a floor fountain design or the more popular indoor tabletop fountains. This adds a great experience of the tranquility of trickling water that provides a wonderful feng shui element for the home.

Popular types of corner water fountains

Corner water fountains provide soothing water sounds

One of your main goals when you are installing a beautiful water accent is to not only find the perfect water feature that will suit your garden theme but also provide you with the calming sounds of naturally flowing water. Just think of all the sounds that water can make and how it can benefit you by drowning out traffic noise in your neighborhood.Large Orange/copper  vase corner fountain positioned on decorative rocks by bush, large corner water fountains, contemporary water fountain.

Understanding how water makes sound you will be able to create a symphony of sounds (through trial and error) with your water fountain. One of the first things that you can control is the volume of water. By adjusting the pump you will be able to speed up or slow down the water flow which in turn gives you a different tone from the water.

Buying tips for corner water fountains:

Remember you are working with a corner water fountain and you should take into consideration that the sound will be reflecting off of the adjacent surface (a wall or solid structure) or a more porous (vegetation, Bush) that it is beside.

You can control the distance that the water falls by adjusting the height, this will give you the direct waterfall volume. The actual surface makes a big difference on how it sounds whether it is directly into a pool of water or striking small decorative stones or rocks. A tip to keep in mind in controlling your musical fountain waterworks is to remember that the greater the volume of water and the more distance it has to fall, definitely affects how loud the sound will be.

Fiberglass Water Fountains-Polyresin Decorative Water Feature
Fiberglass water fountains provide you an outdoor decorative modern fountain that can fit into any contemporary landscape. Molded into waterfalls, rock sculptures these poly resin fountains are made with high-quality manufacturing techniques providing a durable, strong decorative fountain.

Garden Water Fountains-Garden Ornaments with a Water Feature
Garden water fountains provide you an option to include a beautiful water feature for your backyard decor. Adding the sound of running water with the combination of a decorative piece of water art will turn your patio, deck, garden into an oasis that will be both stress relieving and calming.

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