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Decorative Bird houses-Unique, Fancy Bird Home For Your Yard

Decorative Birdhouses are one of the best ways that you can enjoy wild birds and attract a living environment into your backyard decor. The benefit of this is you get to also enjoy not only new feathered friends but a beautiful artistic designed birdhouse that will not only create interest in your yard but also provide a living environment for a variety of bird species for feeding and housing.

Some of these beautiful fancy birdhouses are creative enough that you may even want to just have it as a decorative decor piece inside your home.A cute Thatch Roof Chimney wood cottage birdhouse with a 2 1/8 inch x 2 7/8 inch door with a high peak roof, decorative birdhouse,, fancy birdhouses.

The first thing you do is have to research the species of birds that typically visit your yard and decide what kind of birds you want to attract to have stay in your garden. Depending on the area you have around your home you will find some birds like an open grass space; while others typically prefer a shady spot for their nesting area.

Best Location for Your Birdhouse to Be Placed

Location, location, location! Depending on the species of birds that you have coming to your yard will make a big difference of where you are going to place your new outdoor birdhouse. If you have a fence it can be mounted on top of the post or you can provide a pole mounted birdhouse (properly secured for safety) allowing you to put it just about anywhere in your backyard allowing you to complement areas in your yard.

The best benefit of having a backyard birdhouse is that you will be able to enjoy the spring and summer mornings and being able to listen to the inviting chirps and songs from the birds. Birdhouses give the benefit of shelter and protection for the birds while still providing you a beautiful appeal for your backyard garden decor.Charming yellow birdhouse fashioned in the form of a schoolhouse.Adds whimsical charm and elegance to any garden decor, garden birdhouses.

Being a landlord to the birds in your backyard typically is a little bit of work for the cleaning and upkeep of the food and providing a healthy environment for the bird. This would require you to make an investment of both time, money and the energy to make everything work properly. The benefits are more than you could ever imagine once you have set up a regular feeding and housing sanctuary for the birds.

You will find that a unique and special connection will start to develop between nesting birds and yourself (the most exciting part of birding). The biggest benefit of all is we get to help sustain the birding population that is thriving in your area. By having a Decorative/Fancy Birdhouse you will provide the protection for the birds from predators and protection against extreme weather and food shortages.

Tips on Choosing a Decorative Birdhouse

The upkeep of your birdhouse is to keep it clean

Safety and maintenance, yes this also means fancy types of birdhouses do require some chores! When you are choosing a pretty little artistic house, you want to pay attention to the features that are incorporated to help make cleaning out old nesting materials easier.Wood Yacht Club Nautical Bird House/Feeder:Elegant figural birdhouse crafted to resemble a yacht club.Whimsical and country theme garden decor item.

Check to make sure that there is no lead-based paint or any other chemicals on the inside of the house. Keep in mind that decorative birdhouses are often painted with bright colors, this is where you should check to make sure it is a healthy environment for your birds.

Keep in mind that as pretty as these colorful wooden birdhouses are you will find that some birds will just avoid the bright colors because it allows them to be a target for predators. You want to look for colors like tan, gray or a dull green that can help bland and camouflage the nesting for the birds.

 You may not think that it is bright and colorful for your backyard decor, but it will be definitely safer for your tiny tenants. You will find that other little accessories that add a decorative feature may include white railings, little window shutters or a variety of other cute details that can help dress up these safer colors too.Small Camper birdhouse airstream trailer hanging from tree, unique birdhouses, decorative garden birdhouses.

Attracting Birds to Your Backyard Sanctuary

Once you have decided where you are going to set up your decorative birdhouse, you will want to start attracting the birds to their new fancy digs. You may want to experiment by providing a few different size birdhouses along with different entrance sizes and shapes of the house. You will discover that depending on the dimensions of the holes you will get certain species that will take up residency.

Four things to attract birds to your yard:

Benefits of Having a Birdhouse in the Backyard

When you finally have your new feathered occupants that have taken up home in your decorative birdhouse you will be able to sit back and enjoy the show. Bird watching has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety by providing an overall feng shui type of an Aurora, but the biggest thing is the entertaining show that the birds put on.

Before you know it, you will be buying bird books and trying to identify all the new bird species that have started to show up around your fancy birdfeeders today. All of us here at want to help you with your information and resources on birdhouses and feeders.

House Wren Bird Houses-Finding the Perfect Birdhouse Plan
If you are into wren bird houses but dont have the time or expertise to design it, theres a little known trick you can use to aid you. With a set of freely available design plans, you can rest assured your wren bird house will be the perfect accommodation for wrens.House wrens will usually accept birdhouses that are 5 to 10 feet above the ground or close to the ground with shrubbery for coverage.

Bluebird Bird Houses-The Proper Bird Box for a Bluebird
Bluebird Houses are probably the most common bird houses in the country. Helping and protecting the bluebirds should be everyone's priority.Bluebird houses can be mounted on fence posts, utility poles or trees (trees are less desirable as climbing predators have access). Another good area is to consider mounting them on poles that you can place in your yard.

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