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House Wren Bird Houses-Safe, Decorative Wooden Birdhouse Solution

House Wren Bird Houses are a very decorative little house structure that will provide you with a fun little conversation opener that both your friends and family will just have to ask what kind of bird lives in the house. Typically the construction of the wooden house is made with everything that will fit at right angles. The House Wren does not mind if the house moves because of a breeze, this allows you to hang it from branches or your overhang/eavesdrop part of the roof. House Wren on top of a tree stump with the beak open, Wren Bird House,House Wren Picture.

This is also a great choice for providing a home that can be placed on your deck/porch. This may be a nice feature but you have to keep in mind the safety and protection of the birds in your yard, this is why you should consider mounting the house on a pole and provide it with a protective predator baffle below it keeping out cats, squirrels and other predators that are in the area.

One of the main things that you should keep in mind when you are choosing where you want to put your House Wren Bird Houses is that it should be installed where the birds can actually see it.

You will find a variety of different designs of houses that are available typically, a rustic looking wood design helps to blend in well to any garden decor. A variety of materials can be used for the house construction such as cedar or a good quality exterior plywood, I have even seen coconut fiber constructed for the bird nesting pocket.

House Wren Bird facts and characteristics

The House Wren is known as a very small shy bird that are found all over North America, their beautiful songs can be heard, typically around mating season and it will very different from region to region from the north to the West. The adult is a beautiful little bird that is brown on the back with some blackish barring that is applied to its wings and tail; the underbelly of the bird is grayish brown and is lighter in color than the overall body color.House Wren birdhouse Hung on Rot iron hook white with red roof,House Wren plans,House Wren tips.

The beak is narrow and long while incorporating a short tail that is often described as looking cocked in appearance. The house wren is a very energetic and Feisty bird and very much loves its comforts of home even if it is not originally built or made for them. Handmade birdhouses that are built for other birds can be taken over by the house wren. They will tend to nest in a variety of places so keep your eye out as they love flowerpots and if you go to check your mail you may find a nest in your mailbox.

How to attract house wren to your garden:

Building your own homemade House Wren Bird House

A variety of different House Wren Birdhouse plans can be found in either your local bookstore or on the Internet, this is a great way that can help you build a proper shelter. A few things that you should consider when you are constructing your birdhouse is what materials you will need. The birdhouse should be constructed with using natural weather resistant wood. Some of the top choices that you may want to incorporate would be redwood, cedar even a higher grade plywood.House wren looking out of wooden birdhouse mounted in a tree,House wren birdhouse plans,House wren picture

One thing to avoid is to use any chemically treated or pressure treated Woods in the construction of the house as this does not provide a chemical free environment for the bird. When you are painting the outside of your home always use water-based latex and do not get any paint on the inside of the bird box.

House wrens will usually take on residency in birdhouses that are 5 to 10 feet above the ground or if they are closer to the ground with shrubbery for coverage and protection. The house can be hung and swing in the wind as they do not mind the house moving which allows you other options for placement instead of just mounting directly to a solid surface. The house should have some specific dimensions which would include the floor 4 inches in width, 4 inches in depth by 6 inches in height.

The front piece of the birdhouse should have a hole that is centered as much is possible and drilled 4 -6 inches up from the bottom corner. Because there are nine different species of house wrens there are a few different dimensions that should be used for the holes.

Entrance Hole Diameters:

The right habitat is the best way to attract these birds to your backyard. The house wren loves open areas, forest edges and especially to our benefit suburban backyards and gardens. Undisturbed Bush piles provide ample safe coverage allowing them to feel that they can take up their residency in this area. Typically they will stay away if they are anywhere near any deep dense woods.

House Wren tidbits/Characteristics

House Wrens Provide a New Dimension for Your Backyard Decor

Whether you choose a ready-made birdhouse or decide to make your own handmade do-it-yourself type of craft project you will be rest assured that your wren birdhouse will be the perfect accommodation for your feathered friends. Attracting birds to your backyard and garden area provide you with a relaxing and stress relieving atmosphere while providing a safe place for the birds to take up accommodations.

With a little bit of work as you are the landlord you will get back tenfold for bringing your backyard decor to life. All of us here at Garden-Delights.com want to help you find all the information and resources that you will need for creating a beautiful backyard plan.

Wood Bird Houses-Building a Natural Habitat to Observe Birds
When thinking of Bird Houses for your garden or backyard, Wood Bird Houses are probably one of the best things to purchase. It is a more natural feature in your garden, and they do fit in well with the landscape. Wood bird houses are very durable and have good insulating qualities.

Custom Made Bird Houses-Unique Design, Personalized Plan for the Birdhouse
Planning a Custom Made Bird House, there are no limits to what you can achieve: if you can imagine it, it can certainly be done.Your luxury custom-made birdhouse will look just superb in your garden. These handmade birdhouses are the best way to provide shelter for several different species of birds.

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