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Bluebird Bird Houses-Safe, Decorative Nest Box for Bluebirds

Bluebird Houses are probably the most common bird houses in the country. Unless you prefer wren or purple martins, bluebirds can be quite addictive, and don’t be surprised if you grow emotionally attached to these little fellows – I know I do, and most of the people I know feel the same. In fact, that’s exactly why so many people feel obligated to upgrade their bluebird nesting box each and every year.

Bluebirds typically do not make their own birdhouses, so they will rely on old woodpecker holes, or even rotting trees for shelter for their nests. Although they tend to be a little bit fussier than most bird species about the design of their house they still make a great shelter that they will love.Bluebird sitting on perch in front of wooden birdhouse mounted on a pole,Bluebird Houses, Bluebird Nest Box,Bluebird picture.

Building a Bluebird Birdhouse

Whether you are building a good bluebird nesting box or have decided to buy a decorative bluebird house that is premade there are a few standard sizes that you should follow. Your floor size should be 5" x 5 and the height of your birdhouse box should be anywhere between 8 to 12in. The placement of your entrance hole should be around 6 to 10 inches above the floor with a diameter of 1 1/2 inches. In the construction of your birdhouse you should make sure that it is made of durable wood such as Cedar, this will also give you a natural protection for the outdoors.

Ventilation holes are very important and should be in the top below the roof line with proper drainage holes that are drilled to the floor of the birdhouse. A good design will provide you with an access opening usually on the side with a release so that you can open it up for cleaning and to also check on the progress of your nesting birds while not disturbing the nest.

The Best Place on How You Should Mount Your Bluebird Boxes

Bluebird houses can be mounted on fence posts, utility poles or trees (trees are less desirable as climbing predators have access). Another good area is to consider mounting them on poles that you can place in your yard. This is the best way that will give bluebird protection from predators. Bluebird flying up to read wooden birdhouse mounted on post,Bluebird Houses, Bluebird Nest Box,Bluebird picture.

Make sure that the bottom of the birdhouse is at least 3 feet above the ground. Your best positioning should be mounted between 4 to 5 feet above the ground on a baffled metal pole allowing for the protection of the bird as a metal will make it almost impossible for any predator to climb.

Your main concern is to protect the birds from climbing predators, but still allow you for easy monitoring. Facing the box North or South will allow you to avoid direct midday sun, giving them protection from sunrays.

 One of the most important things when deciding where to face the box is to think about the young when they leave the nest. By facing the box towards vegetation, such as a shrub or a tree that's within 100 feet is the best way to ensure safety in the initial flight of the babies

Bluebird Characteristics

If you have a wooded backyard then you may get frustrated while trying to attract these bluebirds to your yard. Neighborhood suburban settings can provide a successful nesting area but may be foiled if you are using lawn chemicals for the grass, these are typically very toxic for the adult birds and the nestlings. If you do have to use anything for your yard or plants try to go green with natural ingredients.

Quick Pointers on Where to Mount Your Bluebird Box:

 An Inexpensive Bluebird Birdhouse Is All It Takes to Attract Bluebirds

When you start with a simple and inexpensive blue bird house, all it takes is a couple of bluebird guests to settle in for you to start thinking: are they doing fine out there? Should I do something more to help them? Well, don’t forget they have lived out there for their entire life, and that’s the beauty of it. Nevertheless, a little helping hand every now and then certainly won’t hurt them either.

After a couple of years, I won’t be surprised if you’re now the proud owner of a multi-level blue bird house with dozens of different rooms stuck in a pole in your backyard or garden. You may even have a custom paint job with a patriotic theme. I can’t really say why, but it certainly makes me feel relaxed watching to bird flying freely in and out of that safe heaven we’ve provided for them. It almost makes us wish there was someone or something out there doing the same thing for us.

Country Bird Houses/ Rustic Birdhouses-The natural/rustic birdhouse environment
Country Bird Houses can add a lot of interest to your yard. Not only do they fit into the natural look with their rustic charm, but they can provide you with hours of entertainment once the birds move in.Country bird houses include a wide variety of looks. What do you like best?

Home Made Bird Houses-Tips, Ideas for Birdhouse Construction
If you have even the slightest do-it-yourself spirit in you, you are more than capable of doing a much better job yourself and make a Home Made Bird House.Building a homemade bird house is not rocket science. With some careful planning and preparation even young children could do it.

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