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Country Bird Houses-Rustic Birdhouse, Feeders Style for the Yard

Country Birdhouses have a special way of adding a lot of interest to your yard. Not only will you find that they blend well with the natural look but they provide you with a natural rustic birdhouse charm. They are a great way to provide you with hours of entertainment once you have birds move into their new home.

Some of these birdhouses will blend in so well that they will not be obvious at all by someone who's just a casual visitor, but with all the activities of the birds that you have attracted into your yard it will be hard not to enjoy all the activity even if you do not see the home that you have provided.Country Farmstead Rustic Barnyard Wooden Bird House:Whimsical and colorful country theme garden decor item.

Decide which bird species you want to attract to the backyard

The first and foremost thing that you have to take into consideration when you're choosing your birdhouse is what species of bird that you typically want to attract into your yard. You'll find that some birds are more particular in what kind housing that they want compared to other types of bird species. Some birds tend to like to nest in colonies (purple Martins preferred this choice) because they love to be in groups of their own kind.

For single-family homes for bird species the bluebirds, wrens, sparrows and chickadees typically prefer to nest in birdhouses. With this in mind we have to check for the proper sizing of the holes and placement of the birdhouses for each particular species. Robbins and swallows prefer a platform style birdhouse, which you should be able to find in a rustic birdhouse sign.

You want to choose a country birdhouse that will blend in and fit well with your overall landscape design and style. If you have areas in your yard that are overgrown, flowery cottage garden look than the timber wooden look will tend to fit in especially well in this environment but will still look good in the more traditional yard as well.

Tips for Making a Bird Friendly Yard

Country birdhouses have a variety of different styles, designs

You may consider just the basic, plain wood birdhouse attached to the patio posts or furthering your backyard on a fence post. If you want something with a bit more style you may choose one that looks like a church that has been weathered for about 20 years, this may look beautiful under a rose colored arbor. Barnyard Bird House Wood Decorative Barn Yard Bird House:Adds country charm to any garden or patio.Dimensions: 9 inch x 5 inch x 9 inch high.

The best advice that you can use is to choose your favorite overall theme/design and tried out in several different areas in your yard. These placements in your yard will determine whether the birds feel safe or not, once this is established you can securely attach it for its permanent location.

Research and read up about the birds that you want to attract into your yard. Some of your bird species like an open area so they can see predators as they approach, this is a protective choice for some species. Other birds prefer the shady areas of the yard which include bushes and small shrubbery allowing them to hide inside of the plant and also have a great cooling effect on hot days, this also is great for protection in extreme weather (hot and cold climates).

Provide the basics to attract birds:

Wooden birdhouses are a durable choice for housing

Typically this is a very natural way to supply shelter and a good home for birds. Wood is a natural protectant and has characteristics that help it sustain in the outdoor environment. Cedar, cypress can be used without any kind of outside protection by being untreated. Pine and plywood will have extended life if you apply a good exterior latex to the outside of the house. Colors of choice would be that of gray, tan or even dull green providing camouflage for the cavity style nesting species.Petoskey Lake View Country Cottage Birdhouse:Wood construction, unpainted interior, ventilation and drainage.

Best types of wood for birdhouses:

Other woods typically do not fare as well and should be painted on the outside, colors should be chosen accordingly to add to the aesthetics of the rustic style. Remember to use lead free paints and do not apply any paint or any other chemicals to the interior of the birdhouse as this will contaminate and make it a poor environment for the birds to live in.

Birdhouses Provide a Sanctuary of Stress Relief and Relaxation

Inviting birds into your backyard has many beneficial factors. By providing a unique country birdhouse you will have a conversation piece that people can enjoy by remember the focus is on the birds more than the house. Their songs will relax you, their antics and flying around will amuse you and provide you with stress relief and help relieve anxiety from the day and not cost you a cent.

Some bird species like wrens, eat a lot of insect varieties, so you will benefit by them helping to keep your yard free of excessive pasts. We here at want to help you with all the information and resources they need to learn more about birding and ways that you can use it in your backyard to bring it to life.

White Birdhouses Are a Great Way to Add a Unique Flavor to Your Backyard
White Birdhouses is the color that goes well with nearly all existing house styles and colors.After looking at high end luxury models, white bird houses might seem a bit dull and plain. But you have to keep in mind that birds are not that picky when it comes to a bird house style. They just need a place to nest, and even the cheapest most simple bird house will do just fine.

Bird Baths-Backyard, Decorative Bird Heated, Stone, Metal Water Features
Adding a Bird Bath to your garden decor is not only a beautiful garden decoration with sound but it also provides so much to the wildlife of your backyard.Many of the fountains that you will find are both for aesthetics and providing resources for your birding environment.

House Wren Bird Houses-Finding the Perfect Birdhouse Plan
If you are into wren bird houses but dont have the time or expertise to design it, theres a little known trick you can use to aid you. With a set of freely available design plans, you can rest assured your wren bird house will be the perfect accommodation for wrens.House wrens will usually accept birdhouses that are 5 to 10 feet above the ground or close to the ground with shrubbery for coverage.

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