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Cute Bird Houses, Feeders-Funny, Decorative, Crafty

Birdhouses do not have to look ugly-in fact cute birdhouses are becoming one of the most popular best-selling birdhouse items everywhere. Life is too short to be living with dull face, and the best way to put a smile on your face and your feathered friends face is to provide your back yard decor with a funny birdhouse. Don't be worried about scaring away all species of birds as I'm pretty sure the birds you attracting your backyard will have a better sense of humor than most people. Cute birdhouse with red door white windows and a blue roof, funny birdfeeders, cute birdhouse picture.

 Cute Birdhouses Come in a Variety of Themes and Styles

As long as you can provide a nest box that they feel protected inside, they will not care how cute the birdhouse is because it's the functionality that they are looking for in the house. Cute birdhouses come in a wide variety of imaginable themes and styles, from miniature Victorian houses to psychedelic birdhouse models only the bravest birds may venture into. However if you consider the affordable price on these homes you may want to put up multiple birdhouses to bring in a variety of different species of birds into the yard.

If you are a creative person or just love to do arts and craft this is one of the best opportunities to do some custom birdhouse work. You can add your own personal tastes and favorite colors to your house. If you buy a plain looking wooden birdhouse, you will be able to easily change it into a very colorful and really cool birdhouse with just a little bit of creativity with some paint and some other art supplies from your local hobby/art supplier.

You will be very surprised in how quickly you will be able to achieve a simple (but very creative) paint job for your birdhouse. Applying a few little extra fine details (shutters, small decorative signs) is also a great way to complement it even further. No one will be able to tell how the birdhouse first looked when you purchased it

Tips for Creative Painting for the Birdhouse

Painting the birdhouse has a few steps that should be taken. You must thoroughly sand the surface of the birdhouse removing any burs or splinters from the wood, this is up to you how detailed you want to become. Start with a good sealer for the exterior of the birdhouse typically what you want to use is a good water-based outdoor primer (Kils primers) to give the wood a good protective coating, it also helps for the paint to have something to stick to as you cannot paint directly on the wood without proper adhesion.Small cute birdhouse with flowers on front and blue roof hanging in tree, unique birdhouses, birdhouse decorating.

Next you should apply a good exterior grade of latex water-based paint (colors are your creative choice). You can use a brush method for applying your topcoat to your birdhouse allowing sufficient time between coats if you have to do any decorative masking for second colors. If you have access to an airbrush you will able to do a lot more creative detail work on your birdhouse.

 You may even want to consider making this a decorative indoor birdhouse to keep on a mantle or hang from the ceiling. Try not to get any paint on the interior of the birdhouse if you do wipe the area clean as you do not want to contaminate the inside of the nesting box area.

Cute Birdfeeders Are an Attention Grabber

Cute birdfeeders are not only functional but are favorite choice for attracting birds to your backyard. If you want to you can match the birdhouse to the birdfeeder that maybe hanging in the tree. Typically the platform type of feeder or small house is the most popular choice for backyard feeders.

Easy access for filling is typically used with the removal of the roof and filling the container and just hanging it back up on the tree. You can use water-based stains (for a rustic birdhouse look) and paints on the outside area of the house. Remember not to put any kind of chemicals or even water-based paint materials anywhere the food might be touching.

Getting the Most out of Your Backyard Birding

Birds Make Your Backyard Extraordinary

Even though some birds spend a lot of time out of sight and may be out of reach is still fun and exciting to see them swoop in for that breadcrumb as they dart back to a safe and concealing shrub that you have in your yard. Even having this happen throughout the day (usually there is a lot more activity than this) is nothing more than extraordinary that will bring your ordinary landscape in your backyard to life.

Your backyard or garden does not have to be enormous but you have to be a good landlord and take care of your tenants. All of us at Garden-Delights want to help you with all the information and resources that you will need to create a beautiful backyard garden decor.

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