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Capiz Wind Chimes-Decorative, Unique/Capiz Shell Chimes

Capiz Wind Chimes are a beautiful elegant sounding choice to add to your backyard music. Not only will they add an artistic touch to your yard they will bring vibrant colors to your overall design. Providing natural beauty from the ocean the Capiz shells are used from pearl oysters (kapis) allowing for the handmade wind sculptures that we love.Aqua blue capiz wind chimes in bright sunlight showing vibrant translucent colors,capiz shells wind chimes,wind chime chandeliers,seashell windchimes,color windchimes.

Natural Shells Provide an Indoor/Outdoor Wind chime Benefit

You will find that they are a great addition as a mini indoor chime solution that also provides the light sounds of seashells. A great way to enjoy your time would be to consider looking at a solar powered light chime not only providing you sound but also illuminating your shells.

 The shellfish is found in Indonesia and goes through a handcrafted process in order to make the shells sound and look beautiful. All the shells are taken and sorted through to make sure they find the best ones. They are then dried on racks allowing the moisture to come out naturally from the shell. They are then taken and sliced into thin layers that can then be shaped to the theme and overall design of the wind chime.

Nautical Wind Chimes Come in Many Different Designs

Seashells, leafs are just a few of the types of shapes that you will find with capiz wind chimes. They are then taken and sanded to make sure that they are smooth and have no rough edges on the outside of the cut. Coloring is then added to the shell by way of dying.

After the shells have been shaped dried and sanded there then pierced by a small hole so that a thin translucent nylon (fishing line) can connect the shells to the top of the mobile wind chime.

Because of the thin cut of the capiz shells you provide a beautiful benefit of allowing natural light to flow through the suncatcher bringing out the unique color of the scallop itself. The sound of the wind chime is a higher pitch glass tinkling sound. It is a very soft and stress relieving sound that encompasses (Chi).

Colors, Placement of Capiz Wind Chimes

With the vast array of different colors that you can choose from you want to make sure that you choose the colors that will be effective in your garden and your landscape plans. The basic design rules of choosing certain colors is that you want to choose transition colors that will bring your overall garden colors together so that they work well and provide you with a smooth and balanced color palette and not jumping out and giving you a shock treatment or jarring effect.Yellow, white, translucent brown capiz wind chimes hung with nylon string,seashell wind chimes,capiz circle wind chime,rainbow capiz, shell rainbow, patio decor windchimes.

If you are looking to encompass a more of a warm and relaxing effect for your capiz chimes you would be looking for (red, yellow and orange color pallets).

Benefits of Indoor/Outdoor capiz wind chimes

A lot of backyard designs incorporate a water feature that you may want to place the wind chimes by a good complement would be providing some cool colors such as (purple, green, aqua blue), this would give you an overall relaxing effect and blend well with the water.

When you are placing your wind chimes you want to take in account of where the sunlight is coming into your yard and at what time of the day the sun is in a particular spot in your yard. Sunlight will help complement the vibrant colors that are part of the Capiz shells.

Favorite Types of Capiz Shell Wind Chimes

Cleaning your Capiz Wind Chimes

White Chandelier solar powered capiz wind chimes with hanging hook,scallop seashells wind chimes, solar powered wind chimes.Keeping your wind chimes looking beautiful is very easy. You can either leave them hanging where you have them mounted if you are doing just a light cleaning with a damp cloth or you can take them down making sure not to tangle up the nylon string and clean them on a counter.

It is recommended to wash your Capiz shells with soap and water, make sure that your soap is mild such as a dishwashing soap will work fine. You also have the choice if you are doing a heavier cleaning on the shells themselves by using a foaming cleaner or a nonabrasive cleaner that has very fine to no grit.

Stained Glass Wind Chimes-Unique, Decorative/ Colorful Wind Music
Stained-glass chimes not only add a unique design feature to your yard it brings in wind music that brings your yard to life with the sound of varying music tones. Endless vivid colors and shapes are what make these class wind chimes a beautiful choice for your backyard decor.

Ceramic Wind Chimes-Elegant, Handmade Wind Charms
Ceramic wind chimes provide your garden with an artistic wind art touch. Moisture and fade resistant for indoor/outdoor hanging provides you a unique opportunity to have both a delicate yet functional wind chimes for your garden. Glass wind charms provide the light tinkling sound that is very soothing and relaxing to hear.

Butterfly Wind Chimes provide a colorful and unique wind chime choice
Butterflies encompass the peaceful and stress relieving fluttering throughout your garden. Harmless in nature and beautiful in-flight butterfly windchimes could put a smile while instilling a little bit of nature's beauty in your backyard decor.

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