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Unique Bird Houses-A Cool, Novelty Way to Bird Watch

Unique Bird Houses are a fun and creative way to start bird watching. They are not only useful for housing birds, but can be fun to collect or design yourself. Whether you are purchasing or designing and building your own unique bird house, there are a few things you’ll need to consider before you start.

Unique Bird Houses Should Have the Appropriate Entrance

What kinds of birds will live in this house? Are they tiny little chickadees, or larger sparrows? Depending on what species of bird you want using your creative bird house, make sure the entrance hole is large enough to admit them.Beach Resort Birdhouse,Very Detailed,Hand-Crafted of Wood, 10.5-inch:Highly detailed exterior with nice beach themed accents. Some species, like swallows, prefer a platform birdhouse approach. You may be able to find or make a creative place that they’ll like as well.

The great thing about Unusual design birdhouses is the sky’s the limit. Whimsical houses can be made from gourds, shaped like animals, or made out of unusual items. Maybe the house will look like it belongs in fairy land, or even Disneyland. Sculptural houses may be made from wood, or may be highlighted with rusty old pieces of equipment, utensils, or glassware.

A Whimsical Bird House Is a Great Way to Show Your Creative Side

 Artistic Novelty Bird Houses may be painted with a mural or with an artsy-craftsy touch. Household items like canteens, boots, and hats may inspire creative bird houses. Other houses may emulate items we’re familiar with but birds are not, such as a travel trailer or an airplane.

As with any bird house, you must pay attention to how and where you mount the house. Some birds simply will not live anywhere but an open grassy area, while others prefer a more protected site. You must take weather into consideration, and make sure the house is weatherproof. The last thing you want after finding or creating your own creative bird house is to have it ruined by the rain. If the house can survive the rain, it will protect the little fledglings that will someday hatch there. When mounting your unique bird house, choose a pole or post that will raise the house far enough above the ground, yet be difficult for squirrels and cats to climb.

Regular Maintenance Should Be Part of Having Your Own Artistic Bird Houses

Creative bird houses need regular maintenance just like more traditional bird houses. Check it regularly for damage from weather or insects. Houses should be cleaned out annually by removing old nesting material and washing with a bleach solution. Cowboy Rooster Theme Outdoor Bird House/Feeder:Adds distinct country charm to your garden or porch,Fun gift idea. When choosing houses that you want birds to use, look for easy to use openings for cleaning them out.

Simple tips on how to attract birds to your backyard:

Provide a Safe Backyard Garden for Birds

Once you’ve selected and mounted your unique bird house, it’s all over but the waiting. Set out your bird house as early as possible in the fall or winter to prepare for spring babies. 
Coffee Pot Birdhouse:Ventilation and drainage holes provide a healthy habitat while deep nesting chambers and no predator perches keep birds safe and secure.Attract possible tenants by setting out a bird feeder and a bird bath to provide water in the winter and early spring.

Birdbaths Are Very Important Ingredient for Attracting Birds

 Be sure and place the bird bath away from the feeder and the bird house, as birds, like us, prefer a little peace and quiet while bathing. Once the birds are aware of your cool new digs, you’ll most likely have new neighbors in your yard in no time. Once they’ve moved in, sit back, relax, and enjoy some bird song.

Be amazed at their sweeping flights across the yard, and at how much nesting material they can truly stuff inside that little house. Who said clutter was bad? We here at Garden-Delights.com want to help you with all the information you need to find the right birdhouse.

Decorative Bird Houses-Whimsical birdhouses for your garden decor
Decorative Bird Houses are a wonderful way to enjoy wild birds and add color to your yard at the same time. Even if birds do not move in right away, a decorative bird house can add a lot of visual interest in the yard as soon as you set it up.Having a Bird House in your backyard allows you to enjoy the spring and summer mornings listening to inviting chirps and songs from the birds.

Bird Feeders-Feeding a wide variety of birds
What is more peaceful than setting up bird houses and feeders for you to enjoy watching after a stressful day at work. There are several different species of birds that need different types of bird houses and feeders.People of all ages make bird watching a lifetime hobby, and they are a source of delight to watch. Birds are so beautiful in color and flight they can take your breath away.

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