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Tabletop Water Fountains-Indoor Fountain solution for relaxation and tranquility

Tabletop Water Fountains are gaining in popularity. You can find them in department stores, discount stores and home decor shops as well as online. More and more people are getting tabletop water fountains to put in their homes to be a part of their decor and add a unique element to their favorite rooms.Tabletop water fountains,indoor water fountains,Bamboo fountain on table.

Water Fountains Provide Tranquil Background Sounds for Your Home

The sound of running water is soothing. It helps us relax and focus our minds. After a hard day at work, how pleasant it is to return home and have the tranquil background sounds of your indoor water fountain greet you.

A water fountain is a living artwork, constantly changing. Fountains speak to you not only through the eyes but through the ears as well. Waterfalls also have the benefit of producing negative ions. These are tiny particles that carry a negative electrical charge. These ions remove air impurities, helping decrease indoor air pollution and reducing allergic reactions. Negative ions also help you feel alert and relaxed.International Indoor Meditation Table Fountain with LED Light:Water flows from three pillars cascading over side of centerpiece.

 Tabletop Fountains Fit Fluidly in Any Decorating Style

No matter what your decorating style, you should be able to find something you like. Tabletop water fountains come in a wide variety of styles. Choose a zen-like stone bowl of smooth skipping stones with a bamboo structure slowly trickling water down, or maybe you prefer one where the water trickles down a wall of rocks or patterned metal, making the sound of a babbling brook as the water falls from the top.

Perhaps you want a contemporary design that incorporates not only water, but candles. Or maybe your style runs more towards a sculptured piece that lets the water run from leaf to leaf to leaf... no matter what you prefer; you should be able to find a fountain you'll like.

Table top water fountains also come in a wide price range. You're sure to find one to fit your budget. Ranging anywhere from $20 to several hundreds of dollars, the price will depend on the design of the fountain and the size. If you choose a fountain made of resin (fiberglass), it will be much less expensive than one made of semi-precious gems and geodes.

Tabletop Fountains Have Easy Operation and Installation Features

Most indoor water fountains run on some sort of electrical power some have battery-operated but most run on standard electrical current, they also do not require extra plumbing or installation skills to install. The only requirement is that you have enough room on your Desktop or any location in your home that you want to add some tranquil sounds to the room. Tabletop fountains are a nice decorative element that can be added to any room to give it a nice conversational piece or just a beautiful piece of living art.Feng shui water fountains,indoor water fountains,Table fountain with candles .

Indoor Water Fountains Have Low Maintenance (What You Can Do)

Indoor water fountains are also easy to maintain. For the best results, use distilled water in your fountain to avoid mineral buildups that can mar the beauty of your fountain as well as damage the water pump.

If you want or need to use tap water, you can get water conditioner at most pet stores to be used in aquariums. While most indoor water fountains have no problems with algae, if it gets enough light, algae may become a problem.

Regular treatment with an algae elimination product will keep it clear. This kind of product can also be found at pet stores in the aquarium section. A good cleaning schedule for your fountain would be for you to clean it once a month or every couple of months. It depends on the size of the fountain and how much scale build up it accumulates how much you will have to clean.

Keep Your Water Fountain Healthy and Clean

Easy Steps to Cleaning Your Tabletop (Indoor) Water Fountain:

Change the water regularly .More often if there are more air pollutants in your home or office. Watch your water level as well... you don't want to kill your pump by letting it run dry. Don't add anything to your water fountain it is not designed to handle. Don't add any fragrance oils, fish or other items that may clog your pump. Adding these items will void your warranty and ruin your fountain.Best Tabletop Water Fountains,table fountain wit bamboo sticks accross top.

Cleaning Your Indoor Water Fountain Pump

One of the most important things you could do is keeping your pump clean, as this is what actually makes your fountain work. Since the water flows through your pump constantly you can use this as an indication on how clean your water is by the buildup on your pump, and when you should clean the pump.

Quick steps on cleaning your fountain pump:

  1. Once you remove your pump from the fountain place it in the sink to be cleaned. On the back or the side of your pump you will find that there is a removable propeller, this is the propeller that moves your water for the fountain.
  2. Once you have removed this cover you can use either a toothbrush or a hard bristle brush or pipe cleaner so that you can start cleaning the small holes of the pump and removing any debris. High-pressure water from the tap may remove some of the buildup.
  3. Now you can replace the cover back over top of the pump and replace the pump into your fountain. At this point it is a good idea that you rinse the tubing that is connected to the pump. You can use pipe cleaners to clean out the inside of the tube. If it is too dirty with sediment you can easily go to your hardware store and purchased some new tubing.Natural slate tabletop water fountains with river rocks and bamboo sticks, tabletop water feature, feng shui tabletop water fountain.

Use a White Scale Control Solution to Keep Your Water Clean

If you find that your fountain consistently has buildup of white scale/algae you may be suffering from hard water in rural deposits that are forming in your fountain. Algae can grow if there is a lot of light and have the right environment (not keeping your fountain clean). Between cleaning of your fountain it is recommended that you use a white scale control solution that is available online and at your hardware store

No matter what water fountain you choose, you will benefit from the soothing tranquil atmosphere it creates in your home. We hear it will help you with information and resources so that you can find the best water fountain for your home.

Solar Water Fountains-Going green with new water feature technology
Solar Water Fountains are the perfect example of how old and new technologies can be brought together to improve our lives.Solar fountains come in a variety of different finishes from stone, fiberglass resin with ultraviolet inhibitor, cement, and metal and are perfect for your patio or garden.

Stone Indoor Water Fountains-Natural stone beauty for feng shui
Stone Indoor Water Fountains can do wonders for your house decor.These beautiful water features come in so many different designs shapes sizes and different colors of stone, metal and fiberglass resin. Selecting a fountain that will fit in your environment can be a very exciting adventure.

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