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Wind Spinners-Kinetic Wind Sculptures & Garden Art

Garden Wind Spinners are a wonderful way to add activity to your backyard decor. They can provide you with a beautiful eye-catching artistic presentation every time when a breeze flows through your yard.  The movement that is generated from these Kinetic Wind Sculptures is enough to attract positive energy (chi) and add a little bit of unique humor and fun to your backyard.wind spinners hanging from kiosks roof by the beach, wind spinners, wind sculptures.

Wind Spinners Provide Motion and Color to The Yard

One of the best benefits that you will receive by using this type of garden accent is that you can place it anywhere in your yard. It also gives you the opportunity to create a unique focal point or the opportunity to tie into another garden feature that you may have in your yard.  Kinetic wind sculpture incorporates a beautiful use of sculptured metal pieces which spin in opposite directions with the blowing wind.Kinetic wind sculptures, backyard ideas, wind art, metal garden art, metal garden sculptures, ideas, Yard spinners, solar spinners, sculpture rotates, copper wind spinners, hanging wind spinners.

Being wind activated you may typically place them near your wind chimes. This is a great way to create and combined a theme such as magical/mystical fairies, bumblebees, gnomes. If you have a water feature in your backyard you may want to incorporate a solar light wind spinner that can be placed above or nearby the water. This can give you a beautiful reflective glow at night.

Garden spinners are a perfect decorative element that can easily be placed on your deck, porch or at the front or back door. Because they are weatherproof (powder coated metal, nylon, fiberglass) and designed to be the perfect size and lightweight they are an easy addition to hang as an ornamental decoration on a tree branch, or a wrought iron hook stand. Because they can be placed on the ground or hung in midair they will have the ability to be at eye level and use the suns light to reflect the beauty of the colors that they are made from. Large red metal kinetic wind spinner that looks like the sun mounted on the post in secret garden, kinetic spinners, garden wind decorations, secret garden accents.

Types of Wind Spinners for your garden decor

Tips on Where You Can Place Your Wind Spinner

Walk through your yard and discover how the breeze flows through and around trees, your water features and building structures that you have. You want to make sure you take advantage of the breeze that you have so that you get the most benefit from your yard wind ornaments and keep them as active as you can.3-D metal wind spinner with multiple colors and dragonflies, dragonfly wind spinners, bug wind spinners.

I find that once you have identified where your breeze typically comes through the most you will be able to use that to plan how you want place your wind spinner. The concept for this works the same way whether it is in your front yard or backyard.

Even though they are designed for movement you may find a very decorative piece that you want to place in a specific area that may not have a lot of breeze that comes through and that's okay because it is all about adding beauty and your own personal taste to your yard. By placing it in certain specific areas it will give you a very (feng shui) calming and relaxing effect. Spiral garden wind spinner hanging from tree in backyard, hanging wind spinner, nylon wind spinners, Walmart.

Best Wind spinner locations:

Wind sculptures add a new level to your outdoor decor

Pink flamingo wind spinner riding bike with colorful wheels, garden wind spinners, wind art.Even though you will find many complex and unique designs in wind spinners it still provides you with an overall affordable natural wind generated art piece that you can use for your backyard.

 If you are looking for another dimension to your wind spinner you may consider looking at a 3D spinner version, this will give you depth and more character than the two dimensional style.

When you are looking for a wind spinner take into account your personal favorite animals, colors and what type of materials you want your garden spinner to be made out of.

Solar Wind chimes-Power Wind chimes by Using the Sun
Solar windchimes have the benefit of providing you relaxing, calming (chi). They are a great option for providing a wind chime solution for your indoor decor. If you enjoy windchimes blowing in the wind in your garden then you are going to want to provide the interior of your home with some beautiful sounding musical windchimes.

Unique Wind chimes-Unusual Musical Chime Art for Your Home
Wind is natures way to play music for your backyard. There are many different themes and styles of unique windchimes that you could use in your garden. The sounds of windchimes can help relax, relieve stress and provide an element of (feng shui) that no other garden accent will be able to do.

Copper Wind Chimes-Artistic Chimes for a Modern Art Garden
Copper wind chimes provide you a decorative garden element that is ageless. If you would like to use a contemporary garden accent than this metal is the most popular choice. Mellow tones are created from this soft metal that is not only equally pleasing in color but encompasses the whole decorative element as a unit.

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