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Corinthian Wind Chimes-Decorative,Unique/Garden Wind Chimes

Corinthian wind chimes are a unique long steel tube wind chime that is hand tuned to a variety of multi-toned musical sounds. Old church bells come to mind when you hear these large and deep tone windchimes ringing in your backyard and providing you with a clarity of musical sound for relaxation and feng shui balance.Black powder coated long tube windchimes with resin striker and black string hung on a tree, large windchimes, deep tone windchimes.

Corinthian Wind chimes Provide Hand Tuned Musical Tones

These large wind chimes have a unique and visual way of blending and becoming a whimsical part of your garden decor. The aluminum tubes allow for a light weight but heavy-duty construction for the bells. With the combination of a highly compact composition material for the striker you will enjoy beautiful tones and long resonance in a variety of different perfectly pitched musical scales that are hand-tuned to (C, A, G, E) that you can choose from.

Corinthian Windchimes are one of the most popular choices for backyard chimes. Hanging them off the corner of a roof overhang or by a rope hammock, they can be hung anywhere that you want to create a musical sound in your yard.

They are large enough to be a focal point in your landscape design or you can choose a smaller size that can fit below a typical patio rail top. Sizes vary from (27 in, 36 in, 44in, 55in to the large 65 inch windchimes) all depending on your specific tube dimensions requirements.

Material and Color Choices for Corinthian Wind Chimes

The long slender look of the aluminum tubes will provide you a beautiful decorative element for the yard. Constructed with long durability in mind they are manufactured with a variety of different materials (aluminum, copper, bronze). Long aluminum windchimes looking from the bottom hung in the tree, heavy duty wind chimes, metal windchimes.

Powder coating provides a beautiful choice of colors and new texture to the metal tube. Powder coating the metal tubes also provides the weatherproofing windchimes feature that helps to protect against the temperature fluctuations and humidity providing you with years of enjoyment.

Corinthian Wind Chimes Color Choices:

One element that tends to be overlooked is the type of connection that holds the tubes to the decorative top of the windchimes. Check to see that the nylon cord is braided providing you with the strength and durability that you will need in combination with the powder coated wind tubes otherwise you may have an unbalanced windchimes where the strings won't last as long as the tubes. With the braided nylon cord you also have the benefit of it being resistant to ultraviolet light rays from the sun.

Placement of Your Corinthian Wind Chimes

As with any garden wind feature that you want to put into your yard you want to take note of how the breeze flows through your backyard. Around the trees through your water features and other building structures (garden arbors, gazebos) that are in your landscape. Taking advantage of Mother Nature allows you to keep them as active as possible and receiving the most benefit from your wind ornaments.Aluminum metal tube windchimes with wooden top and striker hung on tree in garden, aluminum tube wind chimes, large metal wind chimes.

When you have discovered how the breeze typically flows through your yard and how it reacts with other structures this also includes other garden wind Art accessories that you have in your yard you will be able to plan where to put your Corinthian windchimes not only for a decorative element but the best way to activate the beautiful musical sound that will resonate through your front or backyard.

Benefits of Corinthian Wind Chimes

If you have a specific place in mind that you want to place your windchimes but there is typically not a lot of airflow going by it this is still okay as many of these hand crafted windchimes are beautiful enough to stand on their own. Keep in mind it doesn't take a lot of wind breeze to activate the striker, this can give you a mystical/magical timing for the chiming of the bells.

Corinthian Wind Chimes Provide a Visual and Melodic Garden Feature

If you are looking for a simple or even a more dramatic impact for a garden accent then the simple slender tubes can provide the artistic touch you are looking for in your garden decor. The deep tone that resonates from the windchimes can provide your backyard with an overall sense of unity that can help encompass other elements together.Close-up of bronze metal windchimes with a copper color and black strings, copper wind chimes, beautiful wind chimes.

Blending with other garden accents starts with creating a design flow that has rhythm and artistic appeal with other elements that surround it (water fountains, birdfeeders, garden statues).

Choosing the color and length of your wind chime tubes is a great starting palette that can help you blend in to your overall theme whether it is a formal or freestyle design.

Wind chimes are a simple and portable design that allow you to easily move them around your yard creating a different visual appearance every time you move them. If you like to freshen up your garden or patio area this is a very handy feature that you can use each new season or even within the season allowing you to make a fun and fresh change. This also provides you with an opportunity to see other possibilities that you may have not thought of for placement of your Corinthian wind chimes.

Musical Garden Chimes-Creating the Perfect Music Tone for Your Garden
Wind chimes can bring music to your backyard garden. Different lengths and size of metal tubes will give you a variety of different scale choices for the sound you want to hear in your backyard. Encompassing the elements of wind (feng shui) musical wind chimes can provide you with the relaxing, stress relieving treatment of (Chi).

Organ Wind Chimes-Sounds of Church Bells Ringing in Your Backyard
Organ wind chimes encompass the beautiful tone of church bells. These long steel tubes hand tuned to a variety of different keys depending on your favorite sound you want to implement in your backyard design. Having multiple metal tubes on your wind chimes gives you multiple variations of the same note ringing.

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