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Bird Feeders and Houses-Attracting Wildlife to Your Backyard Decor

What is more peaceful than having bird feeders in your backyard providing you hours of watching enjoyment especially after a stressful hard day? Birds need to have nutrients and food on a regular basis every day in order to keep their energy levels working properly. There are a variety of different species of birds that need different types of birdhouses and birdfeeders to suit their particular needs, one type of house may not be suitable for all. Squirrel Buster Plus Wild Bird Feeder with Cardinal Perch Ring:Wild bird feeder with 6 feeding stations, adjustable perches, and optional cardinal perch ring.

When choosing outdoor feeders for your garden make sure you find one that is compatible with your style of garden and the type of birds that you're going to feed. By doing this you will get birds readily easy as they feel safe and content for nesting in your backyard.

Natural Way to Provide Food for Birds

The first and natural way to provide food for the birds is to enhance your landscape with a variety of different plants that will be able to produce things that birds are drawn to and want to eat (fruits, seeds, sap, plant matter and a variety of different insects that will inhabit the tall grass and plants).

 Squirrel proof classic bird feeder with house finch on ledge that will protect the bird feeder from on wanted squirrels eating the birds food, squirrel bird proof feeder, tubular birdfeeder, birds and nature, squirrel Buster theaters, squirrel resistant birdfeeder,, preventing squirrels, squirrel baffles, birdfeeder activities.The easiest and best way for you to control feeding your birds is to give them proper food in feeders. This allows you to provide the birds with good healthy food and we benefit by getting to watch them at the feeding stations. If you provide a regular and steady source of food you will start to attract birds regularly as they will return to your garden over and over.

 This allows you to enjoy their company or providing them with all the nutrients that they will need to survive were they may find it difficult trying to find food on their own.

Best time to set up your bird houses

The best and most ideal time for setting up your birdseed houses is during the late summer or early fall. This will provide ample time for the birds to locate their new birdhouses and other nesting spots, this also provides some time for your wooden birdhouses to get well weathered and provide them with a natural look so they blend in with the surrounding area. This also gives a more natural inviting place that birds will also settle quickly into the new habitat. 17-Inch Hopper Feeder with Suet Basket:Hinged roof makes for easy filling and cleaning.

Connecting bird houses on the side of trees is not recommended as this provides an easy access for squirrels and cats. They should be corrected 5 to 30 feet above the ground. If you want to attract more than one species of birds keep in mind to direct them at least 25 feet apart. Birds just like any other animal like their own territorial space. Oriental, Asian, Japanese style shelter protective spirits wooden birdfeeder hanging on a pole, painted birdhouses, backyard birdhouses, birdhouses extraordinaire, birdhouse ideas, birdhouse bliss, outdoor wildlife birdhouses, Japanese rooftop birdhouses, Walmart birdhouses Japanese shrine birdhouse, birds stuff, garden birdhouse ideas.

Types of bird feeders available:

Different Bird feeders Attract Different Species of Birds

Winter months is one of the more critical times for feeding birds. Having a well-stocked outdoor bird feeder will help supply the largest variety of species with the proper nutrition that they will typically need to help them to survive through the coldest climates and time of the year. Depending on style that you choose you will attract different types of birds to the feeding station; depending on your environment some feeders work well while others not so much.Classic Perch Birdfeeder:bird feeder features a wide perch for birds to comfortably rest after they fly in for a snack. A practical design that shows the seed level and very simple to refill.

 I find particularly that if I use a combination of different feeders for wild birds (tray feeder, tubular feeders) it will help to balance out the different types of birds that I will have in my garden. If you find that you have a particular favorite species of birds that you would like to attract, then you have to change your environment in your backyard so that it will complement what they require and provide them the proper houses and feeders outdoors.

Buy the Best Birdseed You Can

Birds can be very picky on what they eat, where they live and who they want around them (this includes you so make sure you are a good landlord) seeds will provide the birds for a daily well-rounded nutrition along with the insects and plants that they eat during the day.Hummingbird hovering while drinking out of red birdfeeder, tubular birdfeeders, platform feeders.

As with the food bird houses and nesting boxes have different requirements for different species of the birds as with the birdseed that they love. You will find other animals including squirrels, raccoons, deer and a variety of other animals will take advantage of the food resources that you put out.

To cut down on other animals eating your birdseed/food you should follow some feeding tips to what seed you buy and read the labels and make sure the manufacturer is not adding any fillers or additives such as flax. There is no nutritional value to the birds and art typically a waste to even have.

Types of bird seed you can use:

Ways of Attracting Birds to Your Backyard

Insects are the primary food source for many species of birds but providing them with another choice of nutritional birdseed to the garden area you are contributing to a healthier birding environment. You can also provide the other ingredients in your backyard decor such as nectar from your flowers, fruit, and nuts as this will create a very happy home for your birds. Provide bird baths, water feeder to your yard as this will give them a natural water source for them to use.

This can be a decorative stone birdbath or you may have a beautiful garden pond that you have created. If you have a birdbath, fountain or the pond try to provide little rocks that they can stand on in the middle of the water source. Plastic see-through birdfeeder with blue roof with blue Jay eating food in the garden having a protective blue roof overhang allows the seed tray to be protected from the rain. Birdhouses virtually unbreakable with the stabilizing UV plastic allowing for years of enjoyment, window birdfeeders, country station urged feeders, DIY window birdfeeders, horizontal birdfeeders, patio birdfeeders, garden birdfeeders,sheltered window birdfeeders, favorite birdfeeders, window viewing birdfeeders.

The basics for attracting birds to your backyard:

So remember, use your own garden environment to determine which birds you will want to attract, feed them and provide water regularly. This will create a very tranquil backyard and bringing it to life allowing you to watch nature in your own back garden. All of us at want to help you in creating your backyard decor and birding experience. Use our information and resources to help you with bird feeding tips and backyard planning.

Home Made Bird Houses-Crafting Your Own Bird Home
If you have even the slightest do-it-yourself spirit in you, you are more than capable of doing a much better job yourself and make a Home Made Bird House.Building a homemade bird house is not rocket science. With some careful planning and preparation even young children could do it.

Bluebird Houses-Provide a Safe Bluebird Nest Box Environment
Bluebird Houses are probably the most common bird houses in the country. Helping and protecting the bluebirds should be everyone's priority.Bluebird houses can be mounted on fence posts, utility poles or trees (trees are less desirable as climbing predators have access). Another good area is to consider mounting them on poles that you can place in your yard.

Bird Baths-Backyard, Decorative Bird Heated, Stone, Metal Water Features
Adding a Bird Bath to your garden decor is not only a beautiful garden decoration with sound but it also provides so much to the wildlife of your backyard.Many of the fountains that you will find are both for aesthetics and providing resources for your birding environment.

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